Texas Hold 'em - Rules, Features, Tips

Anyone who has ever played poker started his acquaintance with this game commonly from traditional Texas Hold 'em. So if you are aimed at understanding poker from the background it is advisable to learn the Hold 'em rules.

To begin with, the common 52 cards deck is used. The dealer is involved or a dealer button is used if there is no dealer and moves clockwise from player to player.

The game starts with setting the blinds. There are two blinds the small and the big one; both of them move clockwise the table as well.

The Rules

Each player is dealt two hole cards (face down). The dealer deals the flop (the first three community cards face up in front the players). Then the betting round takes place. Each player can bet, raise or fold. The one who has a blind has to make a forced bet the amount of which depends on the host’s preferences, usually it is small enough.

After the betting round, the dealer deals the fourth community card (the turn). Before dealing the dealer has to discard the top card from the deck, in poker it is called “to burn a card”. So after the turn is placed, each player has to decide whether he calls, checks, raises or folds. After the second betting round took place, the dealer burns the top card and deals the fifth community card in front of the players.

Then the last betting round takes place and the player reveal their cards to define the winner. The hands ranks are the same as in most of other poker’s variant, the one whose hand considering the community cards and the other players’ cards wins in case he has the highest hand and takes the pot (the amount of money, collected when betting rounds took place).

Tips and Features

Texas Hold 'em is considered the best poker variant to practice your bluffing skills. After all likewise the other poker variations, you have always to keep your eye on your opponent’s faces, especially if you know that they are the first0time players, because you can easily assume which cards he\she is holding.

Also be aware about your own cards, as in case you feel your cards are not good enough (no pairs, no high cards or less than 10) you are better to fold rather than trying to make something valuable from nothing. Mention your chips and do not waste them on doubtful hands.

It would be easier for you to decide your further actions after seeing the flop. And do not be afraid to check after seeing it if you are the first to bet. It’s better to see what’s going on at the card room and who is who. The best advice after all is to stay cautious during the whole game.

However, they say practice makes perfect, so as in poker. You never know it until you try. So good luck and don’t forget to enjoy the process.

Poker Quotes

Gambling, the sure way of getting nothing for something.
Wilson Mizner, Con man and promoter

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