Medical Student Won His First WSOP Bracelet and Cashed at the WSOP

Michael Graves is a well-known medical student from the University of Texas Southwestern Medical Center. If you ask why, we will say because he won World Series of Poker in 2007. That was a real blast for many players, as that is one of the very few people, who did it from his field of science.

Nobody knows if he learned playing casino online or in poker tournaments with his friends.

He won in the $1,000 No Limit Texas Hold'em with rebuys. Also it became a surprise for many, as it was his first time, when he cashed. At the last table he appeared to play with Isaac Haxton, Theo Tran, Thierry Cazals, Shawn Luman, Arnold Spee, Chad Batista, Shawn Hattem, and Kris Tate.

Their game was aggressive and full of tension. But in the end there was only Tran and Graves. It appeared that Graves brought grave day to Theo Tran, a very skilled and worthy poker rival. Tran received over $380,000 while Grave walked away with $742,121.

It was a real dark horse for the tournament, as before the WSOP he took part in only two tournaments. Among them is 2nd Annual Ozark Poker Championship, where he took second place with a bit over $4,000 in the No Limit Hold'em in April 2007. And the other one was Reindeer Games Poker Tournament, in which he took 9th place and walked away with $528 in No Limit Hold'em. It took place in December of 2006.

He lives in Springdale, Arizona.

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