Equipment to Play Poker Game

We’ve gathered the names of poker equipment items, needed for home and casinos poker games here:

  • The Poker Cards: As a rule the deck of 52 cards is used both for casino’s games and the home variant as well. In home variant two decks of the same backs are used. Casinos usually have to use a countless number of decks as at each poker table the decks are changed several times per game, usually every hour, in order to avoid cheating in case any player managed to remember some distinctive features of a certain card, for instance. Also it’s a common situation for every casino that cards may sometimes be bent, as players usually try to look at their cards by means of peeking them at the corner. The quality of cards can be prolonged by means of protecting them with the special covering.
  • Playing Cards Protectors. As it has been said, the cards may sometimes be bent and so spoiled by the players. Moreover some players may mark the cards somehow in order to distinguish a certain card in the next game or just curve the card’s corner to remember it. To avoid such situations, whether it is done for purpose or not, the hosts or the casinos use special covering for cards, which also serves to perennialize the cards (make the cards life longer). Of course, sometimes cards are simply affected by the attrition because of the poker table’s harsh surface.
  • Poker Table. It is also extremely important to use a poker table made up from the suitable material in order to prevent spoiling the cards appearance. Moreover sometimes it is not that easy to pick a poker card or any other plastic card from the lacquered table’ surface. That’s why casinos are likely to use a padded table, also because the poker chips are much easier to pick from it rather than from the table of lacquered surface.
  • Poker Chips. Some poker variations simply require using chips for symbolizing the amount of money which is bet. That is the reason for making the chips colored differently, each color represents a certain money value. The poker chips are usually 39 mm wide and have a weight ranging from 5 to 16 grams. Some poker chips are traditionally made of bone or clay though there are also ceramic and plastic ones, depending on their intention, whether it is home game or in a casino.
  • The Poker Lammers. These are chip-shaped plastic tokens with certain text written on them. The dealer buttons as well as blinds are poker lammers.
  • Cut card: For casino or professional usage poker players, namely, the dealer has sometimes to use a cut card which is placed under the deck. That is done to avoid cheating in case some of the players noticed the last card of the deck. It is often used in casinos, though you will hardly find anyone who uses a cut card for home games.
  • Timer. Sometimes during the poker tournaments it is advisable to use timer in order to count a certain period of time between the blind positions.

From now on, you can freely collect the set of poker equipment by yourself. Anyway, we wish you good luck in poker games and enjoy the game fully with your new poker equipment.

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