Poker Games with Fixed Limits - Examples and Explanations

Poker games played with a certain limit are the most popular forms of poker games.

First of all it is important to give a clear and understandable definition for poker games with fixed limits for the beginners in poker world.

Definition of Fixed limit Poker

Fixed limit poker game is a poker with a betting structure where the bets are made with fixed amounts. There are only two bets’ sizes, the small bet for the early rounds and the big bet for the later rounds. Usually small one comes first and then it is getting higher during the game and reaches the maximum fixed value (the big bet).


In the frameworks of $1/$2 Hold'em poker game, the small bet is $1 and the big bet is correspondingly $2. In the betting rounds held before and after the flop, the size of bets are only $1, which means that each player’s bet can be no higher than 1$. When the turn and the river betting rounds take place, the bets are places $2 at a time. Any player is allowed to bet higher or lower than this.

The poker games with fixed limits are usually different variations of Hold’em. Here you can view the list of the most played:

  • Mexican Hold’em (Limit Hold’em pre-flop and no-limit Hold’em post flop)
  • Fixed-limit Texas Hold’em
  • Fixed-limit Omaha Hold’em
  • Fixed-Limit Razz Seven Card Stud

As you can freely guess, casinos will prefer no-limited poker variants rather than poker games variations with fixed limits as players got used to leaving great amount of money on the table. on the other hand, the smart players will rather prefer fixed-limited poker games, in order to somehow put a collar on their money-wasting skills.

Anyway, the question “which poker game variation is better: fixed limited or no limited?” is rather controversial as it always depends on the preferences of every single player. You can choose one out of two possible types of limits in poker.

Limit Poker Examples

Straight Limit: In a $5 straight limit game for instance, each bet will always stay $5. This kind of poker game is often played with two limits and for example, as $5 and $10. In Texas Hold'em, for example, the bets are limited to $5 pre-flop and on the flop, and after that, all bets on the turn and river will be $10. Sometimes this game is played as $5/$10 and $20 at the end (on the river), which cuts the number of callers.

Mixed or Split Limit: During a $2/$6 split limit game each bet must be at least $2, but can also be any amount ranging from $2 to $6. In Texas Hold'em, for example, the betting can range from $2 to $6, even after the turn and the river took place. That will increase the number of callers.

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