Three Card Poker - History of Appearance

Some players prefer learning the background and the history of game’s appearance before playing the game itself. In case you are the part of such a community of players, you are likely to be interested in the information presented here. In this article we’ll tell you the history of Three Card Poker game, so that you can freely give this game a try and enjoy the process fully.

To begin with, Three Card Poker has recently become one of the most played poker table games in casinos nowadays. Involving rather fast action and rather big payouts, this game is exciting and fun to play. What makes it even more engaging is that it is really easy to play. The game’s aim as in most of the poker games is to collect the better hand among the opponents.

The Game’s Background

Three Card Poker is not the oldest possible poker variation unlike the baccarat or a blackjack for instance. It is a commonly known fact that it was invented and designed by a game developer Derek Webb, who managed to create it in 1994. He also named this game variation as Casino Brag and Brit-Brag as it was popular to call future poker games as Brag in those times (the common name for poker games in Britain of 18th century). Nevertheless Derek and his studio “Prime Table games” were the owners of the game idea as its authors up till 1999 when well-known Shuffle Master Company bought the rights on owning this game outside the British Isles. So that United Kingdom regulations on gambling games were changed in order to allow the introduction of Three Card Poker in 2002.

Last several years have determined Three Card Poker’s popularity and this poker variation became one of the mostly preferred poker games in casinos, proprietary both for players and the casinos. This poker game has generated great revenue both for the casinos’ holders and the game holders as well in the whole history of poker.

From The Background to Nowadays

The Three Card Poker’s popularity grew, so the casinos started to include this game in the tournaments. Though the Three Cards Poker (TCP) is a fresh game in the casinos tournament field, its popularity boosted as soon as the players has experienced the taste of fortune and poker’s victory as the game gives rather high chances to win if realizing the rules and the object. Despite the fact that the tournaments are not held online yet, the impressive list of well-known casinos has already included this game in real life tournaments. You are likely to find it in such casinos in USA as Vegas Hilton (Las Vegas) and Sams Town Hotel and Casino in Tunica.

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