Sizing Your Bets to Maximize Your Wins

betting structures

Knowing when to bet is essential, but it is also very important to know how much money you can spend while gambling. This point is especially important in poker games, such as USA Poker, as the desire to make the pot bigger growth with each winning, and not all the players can make a wise decision on the bet to place. Players got used to spend a lot of money on gambling, but this guide is going to change their attitude to gambling. With correct money management strategy anyone can leave the table with pockets full of money, especially if he player at trusted casino online UK.

Let’s take an example, suppose that you have a strong hand like a high pair at the flop, but on the board there are two cards of the same suit. At this point if you bet too less your opponents with drawing hands would get the chance to see the turn card which might turn out to be a flush for them. If you don’t bet enough you are just letting them to snatch the pot from you.

On the other hand if you bet a lot then you would be risking a lot of money in case your opponents do have a better hand than yours. So the best thing in each situation is to bet enough to scare your opponents but not too much where you would end up loosing a lot.

Sizing your bets

One of the most basic things you must keep in mind is that you should make the bets in relative size to the pot. In simple terms whenever you decide to bet you should think of the size of the pot and accordingly decide what amount is too big or too small. Another thing to remember is that if you have a very strong hand on which you want to bet your bets should stay in between 75-100% of the pot size.  When you follow this simple rule you would always be able to get the best bet size for any stage. By doing this you intimidate your opponents but do not risk too much just in case someone else has a better hand than yours.

Betting just before the flop

Another rule to keep in mind is that before the flop if you want to raise, you should keep the raise to about four times the size of the big blind. This would make the weaker players fold and not many would want to go ahead with the hand. If you still find a few limpers then just add one more big blind to the raise. For example four times the big blind would be $8, if there are two limpers raise it to $12.

Limpers would make the pot bigger so when you put a large raise they would be discouraged to follow you till the flop. The best thing that could happen on the flop would be a heads up situation since it is the most profitable.

Overview of betting strategy

So the points mentioned above are the things you need to consider about bet sizing in hold’em games. Once you practice enough you would be able to master it. Just as long as you stick to the rule of betting 75-100% of the pot amount and putting in pre flop raises four times the big blind size you would be doing much better in the game.

The sizes of the bet may seem to be on the higher side for you at first but these are the optimum sizes that would make you a winner. Once you play with these rules you would get used to it and you would have much more power over the pots that you play.

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