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People’s perceptions about poker are floating around everywhere. They illicit various reactions in you like astonishment, fun and anger. So many times we feel that all can form their own ideas about a thing. However, most of the time these are perceptions formed on other people’s ideas. I feel that only those people who have experienced some knowledge or situation can form opinions as it should have some learning. Though most superior civilizations encourage people express opinions but all may not deserve to hold one.

Certain advices of people on poker online may not be as useful as they sound as they are just expression of thoughts without substance.

Today’s topic of discussion goes as under. This is from a lecture already discussed earlier

Misconceptions about Poker- I

I might discuss further after I think through some more misconception about poker, but for the time being this is the one.

One of the commanding positions is that of Jack-10 hold’em hand

This is a misconception. One should actually fold it in a full handed position. You should not even try it in a double raise before the flop.

Deceitfulness can be easily be notices by top-notch players

It is safer to play the game in trustworthy casinos than at home. Even though supervision at good casinos can protect the players from deceit, they still need to be cautious. It is not easy to detect manipulation of the cards, marking on the cards and connivance at the game.

Counting of chips should not be done while you are at the table.

It is important that you know how you are proceeding in a game. So as all specialized players do, it is ok to count. However, be care not to do so when you think you are going in for a winning round and quitting.

Do not check and call

Check before you call means that you are neither in a very good position nor very bad. This widely used approached should be used to safeguard against pretenders or those who are over confident.

Seven card studs is easier than Holdem

Though the number of players who have accomplished stud is lesser, it does not reflect directly on the expertise required to play well. It only shows what kinds of players are drawn towards the game. Actually stud is a more complicated game as it requires more scrutiny.

Do not believe a player who is showing too much anxiety. He is probably faking up.

A person who is pretending usually reinforces himself. He is usually unyielding, doesn’t look tense and sometimes does not breathe.

Decide a figure where you should stop your loss

You should stop playing when you are actually losing because your adversary is stronger than you and hence a better player. Do not stop when you think your pocket has reached a level from where you can’t take any more losses. There is no predetermined stop loss level. This could be used for emotional reasons or for helping you decide whether you have misjudged or not.

When the opponent is playing a tight game you play a loose one and vice versa

This means that is your opponent is playing too cautiously, you should try to bluff him. You could try to play with judicious potency if they are very tight as this would go uncontested. You don’t need to be so discerning and loosen up when they relax. You can still play better than them. You would not lose much if you don’t change as per opponent however, you could increase your profit to the maximum if you change accordingly.

You cannot rise above a rake

In a game at your private gatherings you would generally not take anything out of the collection to cover up your expenditure. One person’s loss becomes the other’s profit and hence the things are balanced. However, the casinos and other such places where card games are organized, aim to earn money out of these games.

You could rise above this charge by ensuring that you are much ahead of the others. If all are equal no one but the casino earns. Hence, like other expert player play on high limits.

Poker Quotes

A Smith & Wesson beats four aces.
At gambling, the deadly sin is to mistake bad play for bad luck.
Ian Fleming Casino Royale - 1953

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